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We are officially at the unofficial beginning of summer known as Memorial Day weekend.  I hope everyone enjoys whatever they may do with the nice weather and time off.  If you are interested in some reading, here are a few things to check out.


I’ve started writing beer reviews for a website based in Philadelphia called Drink Philly.  It’s been a really fun experience writing about an interest in which I’m still somewhat of an amateur.  On the Drink Philly site you can read my review of Dogfish Head’s Hellhound on My Ale, a beer brewed to commemorate the 100th anniversay of blues guitarist Robert Johnson’s birth, as well as my previous review of Stillwater Artisanal Ales’ Jaded.


A big inspiration for my blogging is Ethan Iverson’s Do the Math.  If you’re a “jazz” musician and haven’t read a page on this blog you are doing yourself an immense disservice.  In the past few years Ethan has interviewed Wynton Marsalis, Keith Jarrett, Django Bates, Gunther Schuller, Stanley Crouch, Tim Berne, Charlie Haden and most recently, Henry Threadgill.  This is really only the tip of the iceberg.  There are long pieces analyzing the style of the Tristano school; a piece honoring Lester Young on what would have been his 100th birthday; and a fantastic piece about jazz records made between 1973 and 1990.  The first time I met Ethan, I told him his blog was like my graduate school education, an idea I still firmly believe.  I’ve learned about a lot of music that I wouldn’t have been curious about otherwise and have been able to gain an interesting perspective on musicians I already admire through Ethan’s great interviewing skills.

The Threadgill piece just went up in 4 different parts.  You can read it here.  It’s a great primer for Ars Nova Workshop’s AACM festival beginning in June.


Summertime is a time for baseball.  Anyone that knows me would know that I’ve been following the Phillies closely since before the season began.  A great place to stay informed of the clubs daily actions and performance is Beerleaguer.  The comments get a little off the wall but the analysis Jason Weitzel and other contributors is always informative with a splash of wit and editorializing that isn’t present in other blogs.


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