Cool interview with WXPN’s the Key

Neat press quotes:

“the group have produced a debut (Of the Woods) that tips its hat to the melodic complexity of post-bop, while giving it a distinctly modern flair with subtly avant-garde innovations”

“Working within the melodically edgy orbit of such role models as Ben Monder and Kurt Rosenwinkel, he can float by on chordal clouds or stun you with quick flashes of linear brilliance…Lorenz’s quartet comes at the material with a sense of whimsy and seasoned trust.”

David R. Adler – Philly Weekly

“On his debut, Of The Woods, Philadelphia guitarist Mike Lorenz shows not only his guitar skills, but his gifted compositional talents as well. With an innovative sound combining modern, free, and bebop jazz styles, Of the Woods is an easy listen while, at the same time, pushing new boundaries of jazz.”

“I often like to refer to Brian Blade‘s epic Season of Changes as the vanguard example of what nu-jazz has come to be… non-repetitive melodies more akin to storytelling than formulaic poetry and indie rock conventions in a modern jazz framework. But there are others that have adopted that sound, many to impressive effect. Enter guitarist Mike Lorenz’s Of the Woods, a nice series of tunes with understated tension built over machine gun rhythms.”

“He (Lorenz) released a tasty, sparkly record in early November called Of The Woods. It’s very autumnal and wintry. Fireside slow-burners.”


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