Try, Try Again

With the spring approaching, the sun shining further and further into the day and flowers beginning to consider their opportunity to bloom, I have decided to pay closer attention to this blog space. 

Things have been up in the air and all over the place (in many good ways!) since my last post so this first one back will be a post about reassessing, catching up and filling in.


Last post, on Sept 18th of 2012, I made some declarative statements about my ambition to do a solo recording. As it turns out, lots of guitar players, specifically jazz guitar players, are doing solo recordings/performances these days! Check out new albums by Jonathan Kreisberg, Bill Frisell and Mike Gamble or tune into the live feed at Smalls to catch a solo set by Peter Bernstein. I’m sure there are many I’m missing too! This is good AND bad I guess. This many guitarists can’t be wrong, right?! This development makes me feel like I am on the right track. However, with so many fantastic players releasing solo recordings I began to think, where would mine fit in? This, obviously, put a stall in my recording ambitions. As it stands I’m still “researching” this project and hope to have new music to share soon.


Since the turn of the calendar to 2013 I have had the good fortune of playing many trio gigs throughout the Philadelphia area. This great new trend has been brought on by bi-weekly gigs at one of my favorite places to hangout and imbibe, Tired Hands Brewing Company in Ardmore, PA. This place is truly fantastic and is making waves in the craft beer world. It is truly a great experience getting to present creative, original music that I love at a space that is full of creative, kind and generous folks. Come by this Thursday, March 7th to see everything Tired Hands has to offer. We’ll be playing music from my album, Of the Woods.

The opportunity to play trio gigs has me considering a trio recording project at some point in the near to not-so-near future. This, with the aforementioned hangups about recording a solo album, have created quite the to-do list in my head.


My goal for now is to update this thing every Monday from here on out. Lets see how long that lasts!!